A Warrior’s Lament

Batuhan Kala
2 min readApr 1, 2024


Of life, of love, of stories yet untold.

Upon a somber note, a bard’s quill stirs,

To weave a tale of shadows, grief, and wars,

A soul’s lament, where dark fate oft concurs,

In verse, it now implores.

O Death, thou art the only friend I’ve known,

Embracing me in thy cold, silent fold.

How oft must I tread paths to death, alone,

Ere I learn life’s worth, brave, bright, and bold?

I am no god, nor god’s delight,

But a mere soldier, fighting ’til the end.

My spear, my blood, in the grim, waning light,

Yet, in defeat, my spirit shan’t bend.

Let not despair, but courage, be your guide,

For in our struggles, unity we find.

The earth beneath, where all our fears subside,

And strength within, to conquer woes aligned.

No foe nor friend in this lone quest I see,

But limits breached, a thousand times anew.

A warrior’s destiny, to fight, be free,

In battles lost, our valor’s truth we view.

I’ve touched the stars, yet darkness calls me near,

A beast, a shadow, forged in pain’s deep well.

Yet, even in this darkness, crystal clear,

My heart beats a warrior’s fierce, relentless swell.

Oblivion, my cruel, new master’s face,

Yet still, a spark within refuses death.

For in this endless night, I find my place,

To challenge fate with every fleeting breath.

I march to battle, not for glory’s light,

But to confront the void, the endless night.

To tear the veil of suffering and spite,

And in this darkness, find my own true might.

So ask me not why on this path I tread,

For dreams of peace, in blood and tears, are wed.

The cycle of our hatred, ever fed,

Yet still, I seek the dawn, my fears to shed.

For what are we but shadows in the gloom,

Chasing the light, in hope’s fragile bloom?

In this accursed world, what can we assume,

But that our dreams may lead us to our doom?

Yet, even in despair, a choice remains,

To forge ahead, despite the endless chains.

For in our hearts, a brighter fire sustains,

A hope that peace, not hatred, reigns.

So here I stand, a soldier, tried and true,

Not for my sake, but for the many, few.

In every drop of blood, in morning’s dew,

A prayer for peace, forever to pursue.

Thus, in garb, the tale is told,

A story of a warrior, brave and bold.

In every line, a truth begins to unfold,

Of life, of love, of stories yet untold.



Batuhan Kala

Enuma elish la nabu shamamu, shaplitu ammatum shuma la zakrat...