Batuhan Kala
1 min readMar 20, 2024
Yielding to the dark, I embark, as life from me unhinges.

In the depths where shadows seethe, my essence tightly chained,

Lost to a world, where whispers swirled, my sanity slowly drained.

Amongst the cries that pierce the skies, a soul in torment weaves,

Yearning for an end, on which it depends, in the web that darkness leaves.

Darkness, a cloak, in which I’m soaked, despair’s unyielding tide,

Anguish, my feast, on which beasts in the east, so ravenously have dined.

Demons, in glee, dance around me, their shadows merge with mine,

Eclipsed by fear, I feel it near, the end of my decline.

Silence, now a blade, through the facade of mind, it cleaves,

Tearing through the remnants of thoughts, on which madness grieves.

Ravaged by the void, all hope destroyed, the light forever dims,

Yielding to the dark, I embark, as life from me unhinges.

Ominous, the final hour, as shadows their victory claim,

Underneath this power, I cower, extinguished is my flame.

Lost to night’s eternal reign, my breath a fading sigh,

In this final act, sanity cracked, and thus, I die.

Batuhan Kala

Enuma elish la nabu shamamu, shaplitu ammatum shuma la zakrat...