Batuhan Kala
May 25, 2024


What haunts you? The dream’s there,

Shadowed by your silent despair.

Risks create the future’s frame,

Pain endures, but giving up wounds deeper.

Strong must shield the weak, this is truth,

Weak grow strong, life’s solemn proof.

Hard work without faith is hollow,

Life’s worth in deeds, not in sorrow.

In the silence, tides are changing,

World’s flawed beauty ever arranging.

Nothing’s perfect, strive through pain,

Gratitude in life’s refrain.

Sometimes friends must part, ghosts remain,

Guiding us through loss and pain.

Look beyond your own despair,

Change is constant, meet it there.

Fear not death, but empty life,

Speak your truth, amidst the strife.

Journey starts when hope seems lost,

Regret lingers, love’s true cost.

Life’s short span, a fleeting spark,

Hold each moment in the dark.

Blame’s a burden, love’s our light,

Weapons fail, love’s our fight.



Batuhan Kala

Enuma elish la nabu shamamu, shaplitu ammatum shuma la zakrat...