Fractured Lights

Batuhan Kala
May 25, 2024


In the quiet night,

Dreams murmur, faint and haunting,

Pain whispers, pushing through.

Aching hearts find strength,

In shadows, hope still flickers,

Life’s worth found in struggle.

Weakness sheltered, grows,

Nature’s endless cycle turns,

Strength from sorrow springs.

Tides of change roll in,

World flawed yet striving onward,

Beauty in the cracks.

Parting friends leave ghosts,

Guiding silently, unseen,

Change is life’s only truth.

Fear not the dark end,

But the emptiness of time,

Speak, love through the gloom.

Regret’s bitter flowers,

Life fleeting, moments cherished,

Love remains our light.



Batuhan Kala

Enuma elish la nabu shamamu, shaplitu ammatum shuma la zakrat...