A Dance of Destiny and Despair

Batuhan Kala
2 min readMar 21, 2024

Shadows weave tales of lost loves and whispered hopes, a single soul yearns for the return of its breath, stolen by a water-fairy in a dance of destiny and despair.

In the hushed glow of twilight, a soul wanders through shadows of longing and despair, seeking the breath of life from a water-fairy, to mend a heart torn by destiny’s cruel dance.

In realms where ancient whispers blend with the echoes of forgotten tales, in the twilight of the days, a soul waits at time’s threshold, ensnared by the anticipation of a moment concealed within an enigmatic passage. Once cloaked in uncertainty, it now recognizes its true yearning — for another’s presence, as if destined never to fade nor wither, a revelation accompanied by a profound sorrow, for it harbors no hope, save for the illusion of hope itself.

Longing fills its days, with visions of a return, cloaked in divine sensation and a belief in clairvoyance, convincing itself of seeing futures untold. Amid these visions, it engages in endless dialogues with a phantom companion, seeking forgiveness in the sanctuary of its mind, countless as the stars.

And yet, it feels not the stir of life, nor the breath of being; it does not feel. It awaits rescue, adrift and forsaken, like a carriage abandoned to winter’s cold embrace, its spirit broken, confessing its pitiful state with a desperation that gnaws at its essence, acknowledging the roots of its desolation buried deep within itself.

Yearning echoes in its plea to the absent other, stark in its clarity — never to return, for to endure such a presence was no less than a torment undeserved, a reminder stark and clear: hope had fled, leaving naught but shadows.

Despair of this chasm, a flicker of redemption beckons — the soul recognizes that the path to absolution, to feeling whole once more, lies in nurturing another’s weary spirit with the dwindling embers of compassion that yet glimmer within.

A desperation for the return of its breath, stolen by a water-fairy in a dance of destiny and despair, it lays bare its plea: to end an odyssey marked by longing and loss, in a tapestry where reality and enchantment blur, waiting to be woven into the fabric of fate.



Batuhan Kala

Enuma elish la nabu shamamu, shaplitu ammatum shuma la zakrat...